Man disgusted after biting into ‘cow’s tooth’ hidden in Fray Bentos pie

A man bit off more than he could chew when he munched into his beef and onion pie and found a “cow’s tooth”.

Adam Young, a dad and part-time weatherman, was left disgusted after making the discovery in the Fray Bentos pie, which he had purchased from a corner store in Kent.

Describing the moment, he said it was like “crunching a stone”.

“But when I spat it out onto my plate I could see it was a tooth,” he said.

“The first thing I did was double-check my own teeth, but they were all intact.

“I’ve looked on the internet and I think it might be from a young cow. I certainly didn’t expect to find anything like that in my pie.”

Adam said he immediately alerted the food company in case more of the pies needed to be recalled.

He added: “I wanted to warn them in case they needed to take all their other tins off the shelves.

“I don’t want anyone else finding a tooth. They might choke on it and die.

“I was thinking of putting it under my pillow to see what the tooth fairy might bring me, but from now on, I’m sticking with salads.”

A spokeswoman for Fray Bentos, which makes the pies, said: “Quality is extremely important to us and we take all customer concerns seriously.

“We can confirm that we have been in contact with Mr Young and have requested that some details along with the foreign object be sent to us to ensure we can investigate this matter thoroughly.”

Baxters Food Group, which makes the pies, said local sourcing was a key ingredient in their “recipe for success”.

It was not the first time that a customer has found a tooth, with one woman from Scotland reported to have found one in 2012.

In April, it was reported that the Fray Bentos Just Chicken pies had to be taken off the shelves because they might have contained small bits of plastic.