‘I refuse to split the bill on a first date – I want to be treated like a princess’

Throughout recent years, the subject of who pays the bill on dates has been regularly discussed – although often controversial.

Whilst you’re not in a relationship during the dating stage – many may argue that no one has an obligation to pay for another’s meal – especially if it’s on a first date.

However, some others, including social media user Pia Blossom, admit they don’t offer to contribute – despite seemingly a sore subject.

The TikTok star addressed that whilst she understand that her statement may seem “controversial”, she believed that she had a reasonable explanation for the matter.

“I don’t offer to split the bill on a first date,” she said straight off the bat.

“I already know this is going to be such a controversial video – but bare with me.

“I love an old school gent that’s quite traditional and loves taking me out – that’s what I’m looking for – and that’s what all of my dating app profiles say.

“And if I’m meeting someone in real life, I tell them the same thing.

“I’m honestly quite a princess and my best relationships are with men who like going out with girls who are princesses.

“So, if that’s what I’m looking for – and I’ve made that clear prior to going on a date – why would I then go on a date and then make a not genuine offer to split the bill?”

Pia described that most woman with the same mindset to her – who do offer to spill – are actually doing it as a “test”.

She explained: “And I say not genuine because most girls with my mindset – when they offer to split a bill, what they’re actually doing is testing you.

“They’re making an offer – that if you accept it – they will never see you again.

“If we were all more honest about what we were looking for, it would be easier to tell apart girl’s who actually want to split the bill and who want those 50/50 relationships – which is not me.

“From girls who want to be spoilt and want to be treated like princesses and want an old school traditional guy – who were just offering to be polite – everyone’s time has just been wasted.

“So, when do I think you should offer to pay on a date when you’re a girl?” She questioned. “When you want to!

“For me personally, I go out with guys who pay for most things – who plan most things.”

Whilst Pia enjoys the company of a gentleman, she admitted that she most definitely spoils her partner to the extent of surprising them with gifts and items they like.

“However, if you want a 50/50 relationship and that’s your belief system then good for you,” she said.

“Do what you want! Just be honest with yourself and the person you’re dating.”

Whilst the topic could initially be branded as controversial by many, several users on TikTok were quick to defend Pia – and agree with her “valid” points.

One user wrote: “This shouldn’t be seen as controversial because you’ve got great communication about it!!!”

“This is valid,” a second user penned.

“I’m glad you said girls like you though because I’m not a princess and I like to pay my own way (and the kind of men that attracts).”

Pia responded: “Yep I think your dating style is as valid as mine, they are just different and attract different people!”

“I LOVE princess treatment, it makes me feel wanted and loved – but I’m still gonna buy him games and food and things I think he would like,” a second agreed.