Puppy rescued by firefighters after falling down deep 10ft well at night

An adorable puppy has been reunited with her owners for cuddles after falling down a deep and dark well at night.

The white and black pup named Frank went missing on the evening of Sunday 10 July and was nowhere to be found.

Then a local resident heard a crying dog in Heath Common, Wakefield, and called emergency services for aid.

The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue crew found Frank trapped at the bottom of a 10ft well.

She was pulled to safety by a firefighter who was lowered down on a rope, and thankfully survived unharmed – though a little shaken up.

The muddy little pup was relieved to be back in her owner’s arms and stopped for a snap with the fire service team before going home.

A Facebook post shared by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue read: “This little puppy had a ruff night. Frank had gone missing during the night on Sunday and unfortunately, fell down a well!

“Luckily for Frank, her owners contacted the Fire Service and the crews were able to save the day #shoutout to our Cleckheaton Blue & White Watch Crew!”

Another dog that suffered the same fall is Olive the Labrador, who was trapped down a 12ft old mineshaft for four days.

Jo Belton and daughter Charlotte declared the two-year-old dog missing when she vanished during a countryside walk on the outskirts of Sheffield.

She was later found down a big opening which was covered in long grass.

Due to the uncertainty of the depth of the shaft, the search and rescue charity alerted the fire brigade who came to save the day.

Olive was later reunited with her owner and emotional hugged her tight, before being checked over by a vet – who confirmed she was miraculously unharmed.